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DGParong Exotic Fruits Galleria

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The DGParong Exotic Fruits Galleria is dedicated to the development of horticultural industry that requires less irrigation or no irrigation but has a promising high commercial markets.

The aim of the galleria is to introduce fruit varieties not yet or not so common to the Philippine local market. However, it will not cater to importation of the fruits but rather the domestication of imported plants to our local farm.

Fruit plants introduced for investigation as potential crop species includes:

1. White-fleshed (Cereus Undatus)
2. Red/purple-fleshed (Cereus Sp.)
3. Pink-fleshed (Cereus Sp.)
4. Yellow Variety (Selenicereus Megalanthus)

1. Green Prickly Pear
2. Large Prickly Pear
3. Indian Fig

C. Columnar Cactus
1. Peruvian Apple Cactus (Cereus repandus/peruvianus)


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